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Best Instagram Feed Ideas for Your Business

by Alena

Along with numerous promo tools Instagram offers for brands and bloggers, a catchy feed with well-designed posts is still beyond compare. But to squeeze more from your posts, you have to become a marketer, copywriter, and designer all in one. Especially if you are a small brand owner with a limited budget.

Fortunately, there is a great variety of ready-to-use solutions that help produce and manage your content. To save your time, we’ve gathered a number of the most inspiring Instagram feed ideas that can turn your profile into real eye candy and thus boost the number of subscribers.

Pick up the one that aligns with your brand philosophy and make your profile stand out of the crowd.

Idea #1 Use the same background

Utilizing the same background for all your photos is one of the easiest ways to keep your Instagram feed clean. Besides, it helps customers and potential clients focus on your product and make the purchase decision faster.

Some stores use this method for all their posts, others prefer displaying similar backgrounds to unite and highlight specific collections or new arrivals.

Example: @shopmaxwell demonstrates closing against a white background.

Insta Feed Ideas: the same background

Idea #2 Pick up one filter

Even if your pics don’t stick to one visual style, a carefully selected filter can make magic. Just pick up the one that corresponds to your brand identity and it will turn mismatching photos into a classy brand feed.

Example: @madebymary sells fancy golden jewelry and always uses gold filters for the feed posts.

Insta Feed Ideas: the same filter

Idea #3 Exploit the power of giant squares

A giant square is one of the puzzle feed types. It organizes your cool Instagram photos in a huge stunning image. The most delicate part of building this layout is maintaining the high quality of each single tile after you break the big image.

Apart from that, the giant square layout requires some strategic planning before posting the photos. But the result is worth the efforts, as it can breathe life in any Insta feed making it more engaging and eventually boosting the number of subscribers. The giant square layout is a perfect match for travel bloggers, hotels, and clothing stores.

With the Grids app, you will easily create eye-catching puzzle posts in a couple of taps.

Example: @grids.official

Insta Feed Ideas: puzzle feed

Idea #4 Try ready-made grid layouts

Have no time to design and creatively arrange your pics in the feed? Then ready-made design sets will make magic. The templates let you create branded puzzle feeds where the tiles are united in a stylish collage.

There are a lot of apps that offer professionally designed sets working almost out of the box. All you need is to customize them a bit by adding your texts and photos.

This is an excellent solution for apparel or accessories stores to announce new collections as the templates make any feed look vivid and professional.

Example: @lebricabracajulie

Insta Feed Ideas: design sets

Great News! The new version of the Grids App with new design sets is already released. Try it now!

Idea #5 Choose your brand core color

Pick up a specific pallet or just a couple of colors that reflect your brand mood. The feed dressed in hot read, warm taupe, or any other tints depending on your profile aesthetic will help you be consistent and stand out among rivals.

This approach works not only for small reatilers but for photographers or lifestyle bloggers as well.

Example: @greykins

Instagram Feed Ideas: core colors

Idea #6 Show line in the middle

This method really enjoys great popularity among Instagram entrepreneurs. The lines can be either vertical or horizontal. All you need to do is to arrange your pics strategically to create a white line in the middle of the feed. You may also choose any other color (not white), but make sure it stands out from the rest of the posts. 


Insta Feed Ideas: line in the middle

Idea #7 Bring rainbow colors to your feed

The rainbow style for your posts seems to be one of the most visually attractive and eye-catching. It will be a great solution not only for personal blogs but for business profiles, especially if they offer products of different colors.

Highly recommended for:

  • Beauty brands
  • Nail brands
  • Graphic designers
  • Travel and lifestyle bloggers
  • Closing accessories brands

Example: Just take a look at how @sarah_peretz has colored her Instagram feed. Isn’t it stunning?

Insta Feed Ideas: rainbow background

Idea #8 Use white borders

Choosing a specific border type (and being consistent in its usage) is also a nice way to make your feed shine out. It’s one of the easiest tasks to perform and can really transform your profile into an accurate and classy brand book.

Tip: When altering the border to the desired thickness, make sure you use the same thickness for all your pictures to get the even look you’ll see below.

Examples: The @dandanaltyman street style closing brand uses the white borders method for its profile. You must admit that it corresponds to the brand’s aesthetic and makes the feed look really clear and professional.

Insta Feed Ideas: white borders

Idea #9 Alternate pics with quotes

One more bright Instagram layout idea is to mix your pictures with quotes. If you want to inspire your audience or simply share info about your industry, this feed type will let you showcase ideas and help to get closer to people who are on the same page with you.

Due to the quotes, you can also set a specific “rhythm pattern” for your feed by alternating pictures and tiles with quotes. This method helps subscribers to easier perceive your content.

Example: The quotes layout is a real catch for coaches and businesses. @tarawagner

Insta Feed Ideas: quotes

Idea #10 Monochrome

You’ll hardly find tons of monochrome feeds on Instagram. Yes, this layout type is not one of the most popular ones. The number of products that look more commercially attractive in black and white is limited. But if you are lucky to be in this list the monochrome feed will help you stand out.

It will be a perfect match for brands with a classic personality. The contrast between the colors and shades can also highlight more details on the photos.

Example: @skraften offers prints for sale and shows a great example of a monochrome business profile.

Insta Feed Ideas: monochrome

As you see, just a cool Instagram photo randomly posted from time to time won’t guarantee business success. But being accurate and consistent, you’ll definitely create the Instagram feed that really works.

Good news! Numerous ready-made solutions and Instagram feed ideas will optimize your SMM routine in no time.

In this article, we’ve listed only a small part of the visual optimization methods and promise to continue sharing effective Insta tricks in future posts. Don’t hesitate to show your own ideas in the comments section. We are always open to discussion.

Written by Alena
As a digital marketer and a copywriter, Alena is passionate about wrapping difficult things in simple words.