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Everything You Need to Know about Instagram Grids

by Alena

We are pretty sure you already know what an Instagram giant square layout is. It doesn’t matter whether it’s called a giant square, a mosaic, or a puzzle feed. It’s all about cutting one photo into a number of individual tiles and posting them to Instagram in a specific order to form one big image. 

Why use grids?

Huge images composed of individual posts look stunning and have a strong impact on your profile visitors. That’s why this method is great for featuring the specific posts or announcements you want to promote, as viewers will hardly miss them when scrolling down your feed.  

Although managing giant squares requires thorough planning and a bit of strategic thinking, it’s easier than it seems. And the Grids app turns the whole process into real fun!

Convinced to try it? Just follow our tips on how to cut, post, and manage split pictures like a pro.

Grids App

Tip #1 Share split images in an uninterrupted sequence

The magic of a giant square grid happens only if you share all the tiles one after another. You can post multiple images in one go or tease your followers by showing separate parts of a huge image gradually instead. But make sure you don’t interrupt the tiles’ flow with an occasional post. Yes, we know that a fluffy puppy chewing your sock deserves to be added to your feed immediately. But if you want all the tiles of a giant image to fit together, keep single posts for your personal profile or at least postpone them.

Tip #2 Post image tiles in a specific order

To build the whole image correctly, you need to post tiles in a strict order starting from the bottom right tile. Don’t worry to mess it up! The Grids app has got your back, and each tile is labeled with a corresponding number so that you’ll get it right while publishing. 

Instagram grods posting order
Grids App

Tip #3 Use one filter for all grid tiles

In case you choose to add a native Insta filter for your image while posting, make sure you’ve chosen the same filter for each single tile. We recommend making all edits beforehand using the Grids app as it allows you to easily apply any effect to the whole grid picture. This approach will save you time and help avoid any mishaps.

Tip #4 Context & captions rock

If you post one grid tile a day, an explanatory caption added to each tile is a great way to introduce your idea to followers. Let them know the details of your announcement or how many pieces to expect in your giant square. By providing the context and CTAs, you not only explain what it’s all about but motivate followers to visit your profile and check out the whole grid.

However, we recommend posting all the tiles one by one in one go, otherwise your feed will look incomplete until the last piece of a giant square takes its place.

Tip #5 Remember the “three posts per row” rule 

Now that you have a grid image in your feed, you’ll want to keep your Instagram profile looking clean and beautiful as you continue updating it. But if you don’t keep posting images in batches of three, there will be short periods of time when your feed loses that cohesive look and your grids appear broken. So, to take full advantage of grid posts, it is better to arrange, schedule, and post your Instagram updates in threes. Although this requires some advance preparation and ensuring you have enough content to fill the row.

Tips #6 Keep up to your brand aesthetic

Always create your giant squares and mini-grids with your profile aesthetic in mind. It’s highly important to stick to one visual style throughout the whole feed. This rule is equally crucial both for style and color decisions. Therefore, make sure that none of your images makes dissonance, and the whole grid looks well-balanced.

Different Grid formats

There are different formats of giant squares, and each of them will make your profile shine in its own special way.

Instagram puzzle feed
Grids App

Classic giant square styles for big photos

For really large images and an unbeatable wow-effect, fill the whole width of your feed with a photo by choosing three-row grid patterns (3×2, 3×3, 3×4). If your original image is square, it’s better to split it into nine pieces to save the proportions, otherwise feel free to choose the format that looks best keeping photo orientation in mind. 

Where to use. Brands widely use giant squares to announce new arrivals, giveaways, and special deals because of their eye-catching effect. 

Apart from that, big images are great for new business accounts as feed starters when your profile is still empty. In this case, you can post all the tiles in one go without risking to spam your followers and create a stunning preview for your future visitors. 

One line grids for Instagram
Grids App

Stylish one line grids for panoramas

Sharing a panorama as a single post makes it look miserably small, thus losing its magic effect and a lot of details. That’s when a three-tile-long grid comes to the rescue! This format is perfect for panoramic images. Just take a look at how they let panoramas come out in all their glory.

Small grids to spice up your feed

While giant whole feed grids might not be for everyone, small grids work perfectly for any content strategy. Moreover, by accurately alternating single posts with mini-grids, you bring a specific rhythm to the whole profile. There include horizontal styles like 2×1, small 2×2 square grids or vertical 1×2 insets.

Important! When your grids are not taking up the whole row in your feed, remember to post extra images to complete the row to keep your grid in place. 

Where to use. Smaller two or four tile patterns are indispensable not only for travel bloggers or agencies but for any business in general. They perfectly work for apparel stores, the makeup industry, home & decor profiles, and many others. 

If you want to demonstrate your products or designs in detail, mini-grids are definitely what you need. They help users carefully examine the exquisite photos you’ve prepared for them in all their glory while keeping your profile clear and stylish. 

Mini grids for instagram
Grids App


As you can see, the grids posting method is very flexible and rewarding. It offers almost unlimited opportunities to create catchy content, engage customers, and present products in the best way possible.

All you need to do is to pick up the format that hits the target for your specific business and learn how to use its power to the full.

Written by Alena
As a digital marketer and a copywriter, Alena is passionate about wrapping difficult things in simple words.