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How to Harness the Power of Instagram Carousels

by Alena

In 2017 Instagram released a new carousel feature allowing users to share up to 10 photos or videos in one swipeable post. The option has literally re-energized Instagram feeds, opening up new creative horizons for individuals and brands.

Multiple pictures accurately packed in one post let you share more content without any risk of overwhelming your subscribers with lots of similar single photos. It’s great both for private accounts to share several photos from a vacation and for business owners to better showcase their products and services. 

How to leverage the carousel feature potential to the full? Let’s review its hidden powers so you can successfully adopt them for your Instagram content strategy.

How to get the most out of Instagram carousel

Detailed product demonstration 

The carousel helps brands showcase every product’s tiniest details. Thus the feature has become a great alternative to online store listings with their multiple product pictures and color swatches.

Yes, with the carousel, you can turn your Instagram post into a product page. Simply take high-quality photos showing your products from different angles or in different colors and upload them to a carousel post. Now customers can see your products in detail, check out all available options, and make purchase decisions faster.

Instagram carousel ideas

Product usage examples

Clothing stores and fashion influencers regularly use carousels to demonstrate how to mix particular items to create a chic look. Therefore, they help subscribers style ready-to-wear outfits with the products they sell or advertise. And it’s a great way to sell a whole set instead of just a single item!

You don’t run an apparel store and don’t deal with the fashion industry? This approach can be successfully utilized for virtually any business page. Post a detailed carousel of a beauty regimen highlighting each product if you sell skincare, showcase your happy clients of the week if you run a hair salon, or current breakfast options if you’re a cafe owner… You get it. 

Instagram Carousels for panoramas

Carousels for panoramas

The carousel tool comes in really handy if you’re a landscape photographer or like taking panoramas. An unusual way to use the multi-photo post is to split one long image into squares and post them as a carousel. The Grids app will help you out. Choose the Carousel option inside the app and it will accurately cut panoramic photos into individual tiles for a beautiful and seamless result. All you need to do is to post the pieces as a carousel to let followers smoothly move across the image to enjoy it to the full.

Customer reviews showcase

It’s impossible to overestimate the power of customer reviews when it comes to a brand’s success. And sharing them through the Instagram carousel is a brilliant idea. Positive feedback displayed to subscribers improves your visibility and generates interest in your products. Therefore, when you get a bunch of positive reviews don’t hesitate to share them in your feed as a carousel. 

Instagram Carousels for event recaps

Event recaps

This is one more great way of using the Instagram carousel feature. Instead of spamming your followers with multiple posts from the latest fashion show, or season opening party, share all images in one post. Besides, by sharing some prominent moments from your professional life, or the events you participate in, you’ll get closer to customers, thus improving their engagement on Instagram.

Making a Carousel post

  • Open your Instagram app and tap the Plus icon to add a new post.
  • Tap the Multiple Images icon or tap and hold a photo you want to include.
  • Select up to 10 images or videos from your library. Make sure to choose them in the correct order if you’re posting a split picture.
  • Tap Next.
  • Scroll through the selected images and edit them if necessary. We recommend using the Grids app that offers a greater variety of beautiful effects.
  • When you’re finished reviewing, tap Next.
  • Add the location, caption, people, hashtags, and share it!
Create Instagram Carousel


Instagram is an excellent channel to share your content, and some of the features it offers can be used in more than one conventional way. Time has already proved carousel posts being indispensable when it comes to organizing your profile. Exploit their power to the full with the Grids app, and turn your posts into something bigger with a few taps.

Written by Alena
As a digital marketer and a copywriter, Alena is passionate about wrapping difficult things in simple words.